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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Quilt Path!

Quilt Path is the computerized program that can be put on any APQS Stitch Regulated machine.  I have had mine for about 2 months and am loving it!  Here are some examples of what this little tablet gets your machine to stitch out. Beautiful designs, and of course, beautiful stitches!  It is a great addition to your tool box.  Call us for more information!
This is a feathered wreath with a design in the centre.
Orange peel fill in the centre.
Orange peel fill and cc's everywhere else.  (cc's are hand guided.)
Borders.  A free one from Urban Elementz!
Different borders and designs to off-set the quilt.
This is an E2E pattern.
And here is the back, showing off the design more on a luscious, flannel, wide-back.  I love flannel on the back of quilts! 

That's all!  Thanks for looking. 
Quilt Path is a great addition for your quilting!  I am learning more about it every day!  Call or drop in to see it in action.  I am in Calgary August 15 - 17 at My Sewing Room if you want a demonstration there.

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