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Saturday, July 23, 2016

The APQS Used Machine sale in under way

We've got some good news! The APQS Used Machine sale in under way. 

NOTE: Certified used quilting machines from APQS provide outstanding value and even come with a one-year factory warranty, unless otherwise noted. These models sell quickly, so if you're interested, act quickly! All customers must take possession of the machine within 30 days or the order will be cancelled and deposit refunded. All prices are in USD and do not include shipping or a $100 Brokerage fee. 

Unless otherwise noted, all machines come with a 1 year warranty. These machines come with a new table (Deluxe for Millenniums and Freedoms - Standard for Lenni and Lucey). Bliss and Power Fabric Advance are add-ons.

Available Machines: 
2008 Lenni - $5,700 SOLD 2015 
Lenni - $7,900 (3 year warranty) SOLD 
2015 Lucey - $10,400 (3 year warranty) 
2016 Lucey - $11,400 (3 year warranty) - This machine's covers were damaged in shipping. They have been replaced but we are now selling it as a used model. 
2011 Freedom (QG) - $11,900 2000 Millennium - $7,900 
2006 Millennium - $9,900 
2009 Millennium (QG) - $11,500 
2010 Millennium (QG) - $11,900 SOLD 
2012 Millennium (QG) - $12,900 
2015 Millennium - $14,900 (3 year warranty) SOLD

Contact your closest APQS Dealer. See our list of dealers here

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