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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Meanderings of The YEG Quilter - Parlez Vous Francais?

It's been awhile since I posted any blogs about studio quilts. That doesn't mean we have been idle by any means. I've been busy trying to keep up, and getting the quilts out to our customers on time.

This box of sweetness arrived from Quebec at the Studio. A little note with the customers name, address, and phone number was all that came with it.

I phoned the lady and had a delightful conversation with her about her quilt top. She had sent us just the top so we had to pick out the backing and batting for her. A beautiful black and white print wide back was on our shelves just waiting for this quilt and our favourite batting is 80/20. That was the easy decision.

Talking about the quilting possibilities was a short conversation. She pretty much gave me free reign. I gave her a quote, she approved, and voilà, it was all in my hands now.

Using the back border seam as the spine of the feathers was a good decision for the border and the white blocks that were pieced along the border. To keep them relatively even with the feathers on the white side, meant that there was still room on the black so the piano keys filled in that space. A light grey Glide thread worked through out the body and borders of this quilt.

Continuous curves in the lone star diamonds emphasized the star design. Swirls and stipples filled in the backgrounds around the hand stitched appliquéd stars.

I changed thread colour and added swirls in the large stars. I used a dark grey Glide thread that would blend in. I was looking for texture here instead of the quilting being the "star" here so to speak.

This quilt was amazingly different looking after it was quilted. I should have taken some before pictures. Sometimes we spend so much time piecing our quilts that we forget that its still a long way from finished. The quilting can completely change the final look. Even the binding can have an impact.

Each quilt has a story, and I love that this quilt travelled across the country to us to be finished. I hope we see more from this customer, I will be watching the mail from now on!

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