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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thread, thread,thread!!! Where Do I Start?

When I started looking at thread for my beginners 'stash' is was a little overwhelming. Hopefully this will help you with some colour selections if you are just getting started or are wondering how to expand.

We have chosen colours for a 'Basic Set,' and 'A Little More', plus some pre-wound bobbin colours. These threads are Master Quilter and Deco Bob, threads by Wonderfil, available from Sparrow Studioz in Edmonton, Wonderfil Threads in Calgary, and other retail locations.

Master Quilter is a beautiful 40 wt polyester thread that is lintless and has a soft, lustrous finish.. The stitch quality is beautiful, and it runs great on the machines. (Cones contain 3000 yards.)

Basic Set: Soft White (MQ02), Earth Yellow (MQ59), Pink Green (MQ25), Brown/grey (MQ 32), Beige (MQ35, and Sterling Grey (MQ37). These are soft neutrals that will work on many quilt tops. Audition several threads, spooling them across the quilt. Squint your eyes, she which thread disappears the most. (If you want your thread to not dominate your quilting.)

'A Little More' Set: Sky Blue (MQ50), Lilac (MQ47), Dark Orange (MQ38), Dark Olive Green (MQ68), Soft Yellow (MQ05), and Red (MQ070.

To expand colours further, choose lighter and darker neutrals, greens, golds, and pastels. Your thread sits in the shadow of the quilting, and a lighter colour is often better than a darker colour. For instance, instead of a black I will often use a grey.

Along with these threads, grab the prefilled bobbins, 80 wt Deco Bobs and you will never wind a bobbin again! This thread melts into your backing and is also a great thread for background fill when you do not want the thread to dominate, but want the texture. I love having a multi-purpose thread! Bobbin Colours: Antique White, Grey, Taupe, Dark Tan, and Moss Green. These come in L (110 yds) and M bobbins (210 yds) and you can use them in your domestic machine for your piecing.

Enjoy! Call us if you have any questions. Lots of information about the threads on the Wonderfil web site:

Having fun at the Sparrow Studioz in Calgary. Drop by with any questions, see the machines in action, find out about our classes.

Joanne Flamand
Quilting Artist at Sparrow Studioz

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