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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Touch of Spring, Meanderings of the YEG Quilter

There is one thing I love about Alberta winters. We have so many beautiful, sunny days with huge blue skies! It helps to get us through the cold, short days.

There is one thing I love about Sparrow Studioz! We can experience Spring in the middle of a -30 degree week!

Nora is a renter at the Studio, but she thought this quilt deserved a little more attention than she felt qualified to give it. So she asked us to custom quilt it for her.

I was delighted to assist her with this, and like every quilt that I come across, i decided to challenge myself.

The colours certainly brightened up the Studio, and many who saw this on my frame commented on the sweetness of the design and colour choices.

Because I  knew a young girl was going to receive this as a gift, I kept that in mind when choosing my quilting design.

I quilted hearts in the coloured inner border to reflect the love of the giver. Swirls in the outer border since the fabric had swirls in it, and simple "e's" and "l's" in the tiny beige second border.

Nora had requested cross hatching in the flower baskets and very little in the the stars and green squares so that they would "pop" out.

Just for interest I cross hatched the baskets with different designs. I "c c"d" the triangles.

 A better picture of the whole quilt before trimming.

Some close ups of the quilting.

This certainly brightened up my day! It was fun to do, I challenged myself, and I am very pleased with how it turned out.

Spring is on the way everyone, but enjoy the sunshine in the meantime.


  1. Fabulous quilting Sheila! You did a fantastic job on this one!

    1. Thanks maggie muggins! I appreciate the feedback!