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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Meanderings of the YEG Quilter: Mixed up Thread!

When you have a Wonderfil selection of thread close by, the temptation to play is very strong. I designed and pieced this quilt for my daughters boyfriend Ben. It has dark corners that graduate to light toward the center of the quilt. I decided to use different threads on the light section vs. the dark section. Because the light fabrics ranged from cream to beige, I picked an Egyptian cotton thread, Tutti, in a variegated beige to cream color. Color #25. I think it looks pretty on the fabrics and it flows beautifully from block to block. In spite of being cotton the lint was very minimal.

 On the dark blocks I picked a Mirage variegated thread, 30 weight, SD 39. This is a rayon thread with blue to gold colors. It has a shine that the Tutti doesn't have so I thought the contrast would be pretty. Again the colors on the thread suited the blocks and moved from one block to the other with gorgeous results.


 Throughout the whole quilt I used my Magna_ Glide L bobbins. I switched colors when I changed the top thread but they were all 40 weight, prewound bobbins. I had the occasional small loop on the back, and I had to do a slight tension adjustment between top thread changes, but all in all I was pleased with the combination.

The birthday boy on the far left with his much anticipated birthday gift. With every quilt I quilt, I learn something new. Using all these thread combinations has given me the confidence to venture out to try new ones! I'm excited to see what is next.....

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