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Monday, March 18, 2013

Setting up our new generation APQS Millennium

When we opened our doors to our Longarm Rental Program 2 years ago, we chose the smaller of the APQS longarm models as a way to reduce cost and still give our renters the best possible stitch quality available on the market. The most important part in our decision to buy a Lenni(20" throat) was of course the 'EASE OF USE'. We needed our renters to feel comfortable and confident the very first time they touched our machines. Although Lenni did everything we wanted it to, after two years we felt there were a couple advanced features that would make it even easier for both the novice and advanced quilters.
#1. Power fabric advance
#2. Low bobbin alert
#3. Top thread break sensor
Were we ever happy to hear that APQS re-designed their flagship Millennium and Freedom models to include every single feature we wanted in a Longarm. It didn't take long to sell out Lenni and upgrade to a brand-new fully loaded Millennium. Here is a look at the set up of our new machine.
Seven of the nine boxes containing our 
Brand new APQS Millennium w/ 
bliss drive system
power fabric advance
quilt glide
hydraulic table lift
overhead lighting
top thread break sensor
low bobbin alert

Four 12' rollers w/canvas packaged extremely well. The guy from the freight company was very impressed with the reinforced boxes.

The other 12' box containing the Bliss rail system. Notice our tables are not broken down into 4' sections. If your table size is adjustable, it is simply not as strong or level as it could be.

This is the foundation of our complete quilting system & one of the biggest reasons I chose APQS. A simple, streamline table that is incredibly strong & level with very few nuts&bolts. 2 legs, 2 Rails, 5 cross beams. 13 bolts, 13 lock washers, 18 nuts. Period.

Over the past 3yrs I have watched the thread samples increase to this great selection of thread from Fil-tec, Aurifil, Superior... Of course we can't forget the 1yr subscription to Fons & Porter's Magazine Love of Quilting. The Turbo Bobbin Winder is also included.

Gage's favourite part... hopping the rails

The toggle button has the exact same functions on all four handles. Touch the top for needle up/down. Touch the bottom for start/stop. The millennium & freedom now start in regulated mode by default.

We are ready to set the carriage down on the rails and mount the machine head to the carriage.

Carriage and Head Mounted. Now to attach the four rollers.

Pick up roller(w/canvas) Leveller bar(without canvas)

Power Fabric advance attached.
Lighting going UP!

APQS lighting system all set-up and ready. I need to buy bulbs!

The new Face of APQS. No putzin through screen after screen of menus to find the setting you are looking for. Built with efficiency in mind.


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