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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Let's Go See Ricky Tims AND ShopHop ALL the way home

This, my friends is exciting. 

I still can't believe my Matty agreed to watch the kids while I take a group of my friends to Calgary for a sleepover on Aug 6th & 7th. So here it is before he changes his mind. I have an invitation for you. 

I rented a bus. I reserved 40 tickets. I booked 20 hotel rooms. Are you coming with me or what??

Join Bradie from Sparrow Studioz on a bus trip to Calgary to see the one and only Ricky Tims of LeVeta, Co. Ricky is offering three technique workshops and an evening concert in an event organized by My Sewing Room of Calgary on August 6th, 2013. Lunch will be included for this event.

Following Rickys day long presentation workshops, we will have dinner on our own, check into the hotel, then enjoy Ricky's evening concert. We will spend the night at a nearby Calgary hotel and then begin our shop hop tour by stopping at My Sewing Room in Calgary and two other quilt shops along the route home.

Your $350 (includes GST) round trip will include:
-bus fare to Calgary and back to Sparrow Studioz

-one night's stay at a Calgary hotel

-Ricky Tims all day event (registration, lunch, and his evening concert)

Let me take care of you for two days! I've got it all covered.

Bus, Event tickets & Hotel arranged by Sparrow Studioz. 

Click here to reserve your spot
or Call Bradie @ 780-463-4242 
or email 


Using the same teaching technique that he uses in his 2-1/2 day super seminars, Ricky will bring you more quilting tips, techniques, secrets and methods than he can teach you in a whole day of a traditional sewing class in his exciting and information-packed 90 minute lecture/demonstrations. Ricky developed this unique style of teaching as a result of always having a waiting list for his sit and sew workshops and then having to stand around and watch his students sew for a good portion of the time, knowing in his heart that there was so much more he could teach and show them if he could develop a method of teaching that would reach more students in more ways. No more crowding around a sewing machine with 25 other students, peering over shoulders to see what the instructor is doing, no supply lists or sewing machines, and no more worrying about keeping up with the class.  All you need is a pen and paper.  Ricky lectures live and projects how-to demonstrations up on a large screen so that everyone can see from the comfort of their seats. Thousands of students have experienced his lecture/demos and have given Ricky rave reviews about this new teaching style. One skeptic said, "Wow!  I learned so much and hands-on was not necessary." Come and see for yourself - we doubt you'll be disappointed!


Ricky combines two of his most popular methods. Caveman Quilting introduces you to patchwork that is free from measuring, math, quarter-inch seams and precision piecing and Ricky’s ever-popular and Convergence Quilts, an addictive method for creating simple, easy, and fun quilts. Finally, take the plunge and learn how to combine both techniques to create your own smashing Caveman meets Convergence quilt.


In this information packed lecture/demo, learn the design process Ricky used in his award winning Bohemian Rhapsody and Fire Dragon Rhapsody quilts to create your own individual and unique quilt. Ricky will show you how to design an original Rhapsody medallion while demonstrating some of the techniques that have made his Rhapsody quilts so memorable. You will leave with the confidence and knowledge to begin your own “Rhapsody” but the information on design and techniques will be indispensable for other quilting projects too.


Join Ricky as he shares many of his secrets and methods for fine heirloom quality machine quilting on a domestic sewing machine. He'll teach the techniques used in his award-winning quilts in a way that leaves you amazed at how simple they are. His entertaining and informational program will give you the confidence you need to machine quilt like the pros.  Filled with tips and tricks, even hand quilters will find the information to be beneficial. Also included are instructions on quilting design and innovative marking techniques for both improvisational and pre-planned quilting. 

Get your tickets now. On April 1, 2013, the price of this event will rise $25, for a total of $375.

We can not wait to hear what you all think! Leave us a comment, share this online,  give us a call, and please subscribe! :)   

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  1. Looking forward to the Calgary Shop hop in August!!! Will details be emailed out ? what time do you want us where to catch the bus? And what is our ETA for return so we can arrange pick up? Are we bringing "snackies" for the bus? (to share of course!). And are we being paired with roommates? I don't know who else is going, but it would be nice to pair up with someone i know.