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Monday, June 6, 2016

How-To: Too Short Backing Fabric (On the Frame Fix)

As you can see my backing is about 4 inches short.


I first folded up the batting and quilt top out of my way to expose the leader grip. I then cut a 12" piece of backing fabric and made sure it was the right width.

I then loosened the quilt back roller and pulled it back over itself until it rested on my quilt top roller.

I used the side clamps to hold the leader in place while I pinned.

I lined the fabric up with the edge of the Leadergrip and Pinned both edges of the two fabrics right sides facing each other all the way along.

Tighten up your rollers so you can see the pins and the leader grips.

Here's a look from underneath.

Now stitch a straight line using your channel locks. As you can see I stitched about 3 inches away from the pins as I knew I had plenty of extra fabric.

Now trim about a half inch away from your stitching line.

And TA-DA. You just need to remove the leader grips and reattach your newly extended backing. Press the seem to one side if you want.


The view from the back.

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