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Monday, June 27, 2016

June 20-26 Studioz Show'n'Tell - Summer Time Quilting!

Sparrow Studioz has had a busy summer so far! We opened up a second rental studio in St. Albert - There are many quilts to be shared - take a peek at what we have been up to. 

LETS PLAY A GAME: guess the design 
Perfectly stitched out on QuiltPath - thread colour cream.

Kristin spent the day here finishing off these 2 sweet quilts. By mass producing YBR blocks out of her scraps she was able to put these 2 quilts together. What a great idea for eye spy quilts!
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Quilt By Mail has been working hard!
4 more quilts perfectly stitched and ready to be loved.
Do you have quilt tops that need to be finished? Over 50 designs, with the thread to match - we finish quilts FAST.
Visit: ‪#‎QBM‬ ‪#‎QuiltByMail‬ ‪#‎SparrowStudioz‬

Sabrina is breaking in the new(to us) industrial serger.
These t-shirt quilts have met their match - they're getting upcycled into a cozy keepsake. ‪#‎tshirtquilts‬ ‪#‎serger‬
Get your very own t-shirt quilt (for 20% OFF):…/page/t-shirt-quilts-coupon

Have you ever done something you were REALLY proud of? Garth, the owner of all these marathon shirts has! Garth had a goal to run 10 marathons in a decade.... Guess what?? He did it AND got the TShirt! Today I am beginning the deconstruction process and Garth will soon have a TShirt quilt to proudly celebrate his accomplishment! ‪#‎tshirtquilt‬‪#‎memoryquilt‬ ‪#‎yeg‬

Quilt Path is busy stitching perfect designs (every time!) ‪#‎QuiltPath‬
Do you have unfinished quilt tops? Our Quilt By Mail service can help. With over 60 designs, we can finish your quilts. Visit to get your quilts DONE.

"Fearless Friday"! These 2 ladies motion quilting their VERY FIRST QUILT! St. Albert students are proving to be daring... and fun! Barb and Shirley are going to have a great afternoon here, stay posted for final pictures!
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"Fearless Friday!"
Both Sheila and Marjanne are free motion quilting this morning. 
Our pre wound Glide bobbins ensure these ladies have got perfect tension every time (and they are fast to load!).

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