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Friday, November 15, 2013

Meanderings of the YEG Quilter: Butterflys and Paisleys

It was a match made in heaven! Sometimes everything lines up to be perfect together, it happens in the quilting world too!

I happened to do the intake on this quilt at the Studio. The customer and I laid out the quilt top to discuss the quilting design. She requested butterflys in the border and an all  over in the body of the quilt. Since some of the fabrics had a paisley design we decided that would look pretty.

As we were talking I remembered that I  had a butterfly stencil in my collection. I vaguely thought to myself, "that might work". I put the quilt in the cupboard and didn't think of it again until I took it out to load on my frame.
 When I laid my stencil over the border, I realized it fit perfectly! My stencil was made for this quilt! I drew the butterflys on the border with my purple Frixion pen. I started in the corner, my stencil has a corner design, marked the centre of each side, and worked my way towards the centre. Once there, I could adjust the design to fit without any obvious issues.
I used white Glide thread on top and a pre-wound bobbin in white. I was so eager to see the design on the white fabric, that I fired up the iron so I could delete the purple lines before I even did one advance on the quilt frame! I was so pleased with how this sweet little quilt turned out. A special little grand daughter somewhere will love her butterfly quilt from Grandma!

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  1. I have just started using the Frixion pens too Sheila! They are awesome for cross hatching too! But I left a quilt that I had finished in the car one day last week when it was -20C, and all the marks came back (which I knew they might), but I had to tell my customer if it happened again when she took it home, how to remove them! Marg McCulloch