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Monday, October 7, 2013

Meanderings of the YEG Quilter: T- Shirt Quilts

 Every quilt is special but you know when you are handed a T-Shirt quilt, that this really has special meaning to someone! This was my very first one, and I was thrilled to quilt it. I loaded it on my machine just like any other quilt, set up the pantograph that the customer had requested, then, oh goody, pick the thread!
 The best thing about the studio is when you don't have the exact right color of thread in your own cupboard, well just meander to the front room and choose from our vast display of Wonderfil thread! I know, its a hardship....sigh. I was curious to try "Masterquilter", so I picked a medium grey. It would look really pretty on the black sashing, and not be too strong on the t-shirt blocks. I used my Glide pre-wound  in the bobbin, also a medium grey.
 Ready set go.... and thread break!!! Try again ...and thread break... The stabilizer behind the t-shirt blocks was breaking the thread.

  A brief conversation with the customer, who was very understanding, and on to plan "B". I wanted to try quilt free motion. Maybe standing in the front I could better control the stitching, but no...thread break! My coworker, Joanne suggested a bigger needle, a size 5, so that's what I did next. Success! It worked out very pretty, a sweet, loose scroll in the border and sashing, and a stipple in the blocks. I found that I did not like the curves of the scroll in the blocks, but a slow, unregulated stipple looked perfect.

It helps to talk over problems with other quilters. Everyone has different experiences and we can all help each other. My customer was very pleased when she picked it, and I really felt that I had learned something new.

Its exciting to see what comes next. Everyday at the studio is different. No two quilts are the same.... till we talk again...

Sheila, The YEG Quilter

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