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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Are you quilting? or are you Blissed?

Longarm quilting.... not exactly a sport is it?
 However, quilters who rent our machines are often surprised at how tired they are after just a few hours of quilting. Machine owners have asked us time and time again, "How can I ease the wear and tear on my body from the long hours of standing when longarm quilting?" The answer used to vary, use a saddle stool, take frequent breaks, learn quilter's stretches.... etc etc etc. Fortunately, APQS has devised a really great way to eliminate friction and resistance associated with using a longarm quilting machine. Bliss! Doesn't the name even sound lighty and dreamy?? :)

The Bliss Drive System is an optional upgrade for APQS quilting systems. It is described on the APQS website as follows:
"Specially designed horizontal wheels on the sewing head and roller bearings on the table rails eliminate binding and resistance. The result? Decreased friction and inertia.
The Bliss aluminum alloy table rails are engineered to eliminate the need for truss support. You can choose a table length of 10-, 12- or 14-feet and quilt confidently without worrying about sagging or flexing in the table's center.
With Bliss, you'll be able to quilt for hours on end without the fatigue felt with cumbersome track systems or heavier machines.
Unlike other channel systems on the market, the APQS rail profile prevents dirt and thread build-up so you can spend more time quilting and less time cleaning! No adjustments are needed - all you have to do is quilt!"

For more information on Bliss, and to view videos of quilters trying Bliss, please visit: 
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