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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Three simple upcycle projects that'll help you preserve your child's favourite memories forever!

We've been all about the up-cycling around here lately as our t-shirt quilt division explodes. We've turned thousands of t-shirts into memory quilts and each one is a complete original. We are often left with extra shirts so we sometimes wonder what other cool things you can make out of a t-shirt. Off to the web we went to browse through thousands of cool ideas. Here's a few of our favourites!

Three simple upcycle projects that'll help you preserve your child's favourite memories forever!

Upcycled T-Shirt Dress

Kids Painted Skirt

Knott Me Tie Skirt

and here is a fourth cause it's just so darn adorable...

Make a tote bag from a skirt

Weren't those cool? Now you're probably thinking one of two things.

1. I can do totally do that!

2.  I love to think that one day i'll have the time to try all these cool DIY Projects I find online but the reality is I'm just so busy.

If you answered #1, GREAT! go and create and be sure to come back and show us some photos. We love to see what others create!

If you answered #2, we've got good news for you. We would love to help you create a special keepsake for your kiddo. All you have to do is gather up his/her t-shirts and send them to us. We'll make a cool one-of-a-kind t-shirt quilt to preserve those memories forever!

Even better, we'll give you 20% OFF your first order. (yes, we said first)
Most of our customers are already saving shirts for their next quilt. It's a little bit addictive, great for the landfills and down right cool! Your kids will love you for it! Get your 20% OFF coupon here.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

The APQS Used Machine sale in under way

We've got some good news! The APQS Used Machine sale in under way. 

NOTE: Certified used quilting machines from APQS provide outstanding value and even come with a one-year factory warranty, unless otherwise noted. These models sell quickly, so if you're interested, act quickly! All customers must take possession of the machine within 30 days or the order will be cancelled and deposit refunded. All prices are in USD and do not include shipping or a $100 Brokerage fee. 

Unless otherwise noted, all machines come with a 1 year warranty. These machines come with a new table (Deluxe for Millenniums and Freedoms - Standard for Lenni and Lucey). Bliss and Power Fabric Advance are add-ons.

Available Machines: 
2008 Lenni - $5,700 SOLD 2015 
Lenni - $7,900 (3 year warranty) SOLD 
2015 Lucey - $10,400 (3 year warranty) 
2016 Lucey - $11,400 (3 year warranty) - This machine's covers were damaged in shipping. They have been replaced but we are now selling it as a used model. 
2011 Freedom (QG) - $11,900 2000 Millennium - $7,900 
2006 Millennium - $9,900 
2009 Millennium (QG) - $11,500 
2010 Millennium (QG) - $11,900 SOLD 
2012 Millennium (QG) - $12,900 
2015 Millennium - $14,900 (3 year warranty) SOLD

Contact your closest APQS Dealer. See our list of dealers here

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

APQS LENNI SALE - $2000 off a Brand New APQS Lenni

$2000 off a Brand New APQS Lenni - SALE EXTENDED

APQS is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of National Quilt Day with a very special deal on a new APQS Lenni. For a limited time, Lenni is available for only $8900 USD. That's $2000 off the regular price of $10,900.

Ergonomic Handles Included

Lenni is a complete quilting system and comes with our most popular ergonomic comfort grip handles, our best in the industry stitch regulator and a laser light for stitching pantographs. Click the video to watch a Lenni intro from our very own Tracey @whirlsnswirlsquilting

Why is Lenni perfect for all your quilting needs?

Lenni is a smaller more convenient version of the legendary APQS Millennium. He would be considered a midarm machine with his 20" throat - just the right size for those with space considerations. While he is simple and easy to use he also features the same stitch regulator as our top of the line longarm machines. He is made so you can focus on the quilting and not the machine.
Now is your chance to lock in your Lenni at this incredible price with a 10' or 12' table and a LIFETIME warranty! Call your local sale rep today (listed below) or Sparrow Studioz - APQS Canada directly at (855)963-4242 to reserve your machine with a $500 fully refundable deposit
All payments are in US Dollars and are processed directly through APQS in IOWA. Shipping, GST and a small customs/brokerage fee of $100 are not included.
Don't forget the awesome extras that come with the machine: Bobbin Winder, Beginner's class, a $200 value, Year subscription to Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting magazine, Sample spools of Thread, Pantographs, Package of needles & Bobbins.

APQS is proud to announce our growing list of Canadian Dealers 

Heather's Fabric Shelf 
(Kamloops, BC) 250-376-7630
Dropsy Daisy Quilting - APQS Sales 
(Grande Prairie, AB) 780-933-6558
Crazi Quilters Lair - Bernina & APQS Dealer 
(Medicine Hat, AB) 403-487-5114
(Pincher Creek, AB) 403-904-4040
The Quilt Patch 
(Moose Jaw, SK) 306-692-3360
(Swan River, MB) 204-734-5662
Whirls N' Swirls Quilting-APQS Ontario 
(Whitby, ON) 905-435-8720
We "R" Quilts 
(Prescott, ON) 613-925-0110
The Sewcial Quilter 
(Collingwood, ON) 705-444-5222
Nicole Tull - Quilting on Superior
(Sault Ste Marie) 705-575-1908
Carol Cunningham  
(Beamsville, ON) 905-563-4068
Sew Many Stitches 
(St John's, Nfld) 709-765-4640
Edge Squared Quilting 
(Barnaby River, NB) 506-773-3569
Nadia Wilson 
(Port Hardy, BC) 250-902-9701

Monday, July 11, 2016

July 4-9th Show'n'Tell

Tony and her husband Lenard are here this morning. They told their grandkids they're here to see them.. But here they are!
Tanya is free motion quilting, and she is almost done already! It's only been a few passes. ‪#‎freemotionquilting‬ ‪#‎apqsquilting‬ ‪#‎apqscanada‬

Thats all for now! We hope you enjoyed our show'n'tell! We are thrilled that so many amazing quilts come through the studioz every week. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

June 20-26 Studioz Show'n'Tell - Summer Time Quilting!

Sparrow Studioz has had a busy summer so far! We opened up a second rental studio in St. Albert - There are many quilts to be shared - take a peek at what we have been up to. 

LETS PLAY A GAME: guess the design 
Perfectly stitched out on QuiltPath - thread colour cream.

Kristin spent the day here finishing off these 2 sweet quilts. By mass producing YBR blocks out of her scraps she was able to put these 2 quilts together. What a great idea for eye spy quilts!
‪#‎apqsquilting‬ ‪#‎sparrowstudioz‬ ‪#‎glidethread‬ ‪#‎lovetoquilt‬‪#‎urbanelementzpantographs‬

Quilt By Mail has been working hard!
4 more quilts perfectly stitched and ready to be loved.
Do you have quilt tops that need to be finished? Over 50 designs, with the thread to match - we finish quilts FAST.
Visit: ‪#‎QBM‬ ‪#‎QuiltByMail‬ ‪#‎SparrowStudioz‬

Sabrina is breaking in the new(to us) industrial serger.
These t-shirt quilts have met their match - they're getting upcycled into a cozy keepsake. ‪#‎tshirtquilts‬ ‪#‎serger‬
Get your very own t-shirt quilt (for 20% OFF):…/page/t-shirt-quilts-coupon

Have you ever done something you were REALLY proud of? Garth, the owner of all these marathon shirts has! Garth had a goal to run 10 marathons in a decade.... Guess what?? He did it AND got the TShirt! Today I am beginning the deconstruction process and Garth will soon have a TShirt quilt to proudly celebrate his accomplishment! ‪#‎tshirtquilt‬‪#‎memoryquilt‬ ‪#‎yeg‬

Quilt Path is busy stitching perfect designs (every time!) ‪#‎QuiltPath‬
Do you have unfinished quilt tops? Our Quilt By Mail service can help. With over 60 designs, we can finish your quilts. Visit to get your quilts DONE.

"Fearless Friday"! These 2 ladies motion quilting their VERY FIRST QUILT! St. Albert students are proving to be daring... and fun! Barb and Shirley are going to have a great afternoon here, stay posted for final pictures!
‪#‎apqsquilting‬ ‪#‎lovetoquilt‬ ‪#‎glidethread‬ ‪#‎sparrowstudioz‬

"Fearless Friday!"
Both Sheila and Marjanne are free motion quilting this morning. 
Our pre wound Glide bobbins ensure these ladies have got perfect tension every time (and they are fast to load!).