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Friday, May 13, 2016

T-shirt Quilts: SHOWCASE

Ever wonder what a t-shirt quilt looks like? 
They can be made with ANY fabric - hockey jerseys, cotton, sweaters, you name it! Can't picture it?
We put together a showcase of some of the t-shirt quilts that have come through here recently. Take a peek!

You all have so many memories to share - and we love being able up-cycle those shirts into a memory quilt. (BONUS: you'll have so much more closet space.)

Since we know you have extra t-shirts, CLICK HERE to see how we can make them a memory quilt!
(BONUS #2: You'll also get a 20% off coupon for your very first t-shirt quilt)

Sports fans rejoice! Your shirts can make a t-shirt quilt!

Lots of theatre love!

Harley Davidson shirts

Tim Hortons Shirts for a raffle! 
Hockey Jerseys from all his favourite teams!
Personalized strip with all his hockey team logos! 
6" squares of baby clothes

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