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Monday, March 17, 2014

Meanderings of The YEG Quilter: Big Blue!

 I have always surrounded myself with colour. I'm not one to like white walls for very long. Neither do I like the walls to be the same colour for very long. My poor husband has learned to like painting in the 27 years we've been married.

  That's where quilting has the biggest appeal to me .Everyday I'm saturated with colour, texture, and pure bliss! I have grown because of colour, I have learned to look beyond myself, my likes and discovered a whole new world beyond my "favourites" so to speak.

  There is however, a certain colour that I very seldom wear, decorate with, or quilt with. Yup, its blue! I don't really know why, but I have learned that there are "blue" people and there are "green" people. Most either like one or the other more. It's not that I have anything against it, it's just the way I'm wired I guess.

  Then Big Blue arrived at the studio. I nicknamed it Big Blue because it is soooo big!  94" X 116" I have had one that was bigger but still, all the blue fabrics! But I loved it from the minute I saw it. I never considered holding it's colour against it.

  I also knew exactly what I wanted to quilt on it right away. Some quilts you need to think about the quilting design, doodle a bit, explore Pinterest for ideas, but not this time. Swirls, swirls, and more swirls! In blue thread!

  I used Cerulean from Glide on the top and light gray Magna glide for the bobbin thread. Hobs 80/20 batting, a staple here at the Studio, was perfect for a little bit of loft. The white squares remained unquilted. The inner border needed a break from all the swirls, so I did a diamond design.

  I enjoyed every swirl even though it seemed endless sometimes. It was on my frame for 5 days, one of the longest I've ever had on too.

  I hope you enjoy the pictures, Big Blue is elegant, beautiful, and anything but boring!


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