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Monday, February 24, 2014

I got sick of telling him NO!

Hi all! 
At Sparrow Studioz we are all about developing relationships. If you’ve ever walked through our front door you know exactly what I’m talking about. Over the years most of our clients have become our close friends. We love coming to work every day as we get to see all our friends and help them with their longarm quilting needs.
 As our longarm rental program grows to well over 500 quilters, and Sheila Van Der Linden (the YEGQuilter) quickly becomes our renters favourite supervisor, we’ve had the chance to take a step back and watch our business as much as we work it. It’s been a pleasure seeing so many wonderful quilts go on and off the quilting frames. It’s interesting to us that some of our favourite quilts have had various amounts of machine embroidery on them. Is there a chance that the very fabric and thread that make up our quilts is where our true passion lies? Could this be why for the longest time, we have marvelled at all the embroidery you guys work into your quilts? This might also explain how we ended up with over 20 lines of specialty thread lining our store from wall to wall. What a rainbow of colours awaits you!
After all, Matt has been fantasizing about owning an embroidery machine for years but I have to admit I’ve always told him we can’t afford another habit like that. 
Well, last year during the Creative Stitches Show, he disappeared from our booth for several hours to test drive various brands of embroidery machines. I was relieved to hear that he found the machines way too complicated to use. I thought this would be the last I’d hear of his machine embroidery fantasies. Boy was I wrong. Trust Matt to find a workaround. lol! 
Months later, as Matt was working an APQS roadshow at ‘MySewingRoom’ in Calgary, he was amazed to find a class of brand new embroidery students, stitching their very first designs with ease. As he listened more closely to the instructor he heard her say that the Brother machines they were using are by far the easiest machines to learn on and in just one class the student would be able to go home and stitch out almost any embroidery design with ease. I had to listen to Matt hype this for three days straight before I finally broke down and said OK OK go buy an embroidery machine.
Well my friends, if there is one thing we all know about Matt, it’s that he never dibbles and dabbles. When he goes for something it is full speed ahead. Not only did we buy an embroidery machine, we bought six of them. Not only did we buy six embroidery machines, we became the NEW Brother Dealer in Edmonton. 
Inline image 2
We are very excited to announce that Sparrow Studioz has been accepted by Brother Canada and we are now Edmonton’s NEW Brother Dealer. Brother Sewing, Quilting & Embroidery machines began rolling into the studio around the middle of January. If you haven’t been by the studio lately, we like to invite you to come by for our Try A Brother! Launch Event on Saturday March 15 from 10-5. Not only will you have the chance to get your hands on a Brother machine, which I am confident you will absolutely love, but you will also get to enter for the chance to win one of THREE generous Brother door prizes we will be offering!
A lot of you have been writing and asking how we feel about the Brother machines we have recently brought into the studio. I have to be totally honest here and admit that I am absolutely blown away by these incredible machines. Regardless of which machine I touch or use, I find them all to be extremely user friendly, intuitive and loaded with features that sewists, embroiderers, and quilters will love. We have also been fortunate to spend some time with a local Brother educator who walked us through many of the features theta come standard with these machines and just what they are capable of doing. I was shocked when I saw the DreamWeaver XE stitch through twelve layers of denim like it was butter, satin stitch through four layers of minke with zero distortion or stretch, then finish by stitching with perfect tension through two layers of organza, all done with absolutely no adjustments. I have never seen anything quite like it! 
As for the embroidery machines Matt has been drooling over, all I can say is that Sophie, our six year old was editing designs successfully on the machine within seconds of touching it. These machines are incredibly easy to use and we’ve been having a lot of fun stitching out various designs.
So, as you can clearly see, we are definitely passionate about sharing this new adventure with you, but let’s admit it, passion alone is not nearly enough. To be a successful dealer, we also need to offer the training & technical support our customers require to stitch trouble free for years to come. That being said, we are excited to welcome several new staff members to the Sparrow Studioz team. An embroidery teacher, a kids sewing teacher & a service tech.
We are still searching for a garment expert who wants to join our team of instructors. If you or someone you know may fit this role at the studio, please send them our way!
We can’t wait to see you at the Event on March 15th.
Matt and Bradie Sparrow

3160 Parsons Rd. (99st)
Edmonton, AB

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