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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Shop Hops Across Alberta

Hi all!

Our Ricky Tims trip was a great success! We travelled down to Calgary to see Ricky then drove back the next day and stopped at three different shops. It was really a great time and I thought it would be fun to put together a couple of more shop hops!

What do you think of this first one?

SSShop #2 - South East Central Alberta
1) Snow Goose Quilting - Tofield
2) Quilting From the Heart - Camrose
3) Prairie Points Quilt Shop  - Ponoka
4) The Peaceful Patch - Blackfalds

If you are interested in participating in this Road Trip (which is just in time for all your Christmas projects!) please call Bradie at 780-463-4242.

I hope you enjoy the photos below! These were all accumulated over the two days we were in Calgary.

Here is Ricky Tims getting started. Look at that gorgeous Rhapsody quilt in the background.
Me and Ricky!
This is me and Anne Dale, owner of My Sewing Room in Calgary.
Here is our entire bus trip group in front of Anne's shop.
Anne's shop, My Sewing Room. Yup, it is freaking ginormous.
See all those quilts piled on the tables further back? Those are all charity quilts intended for #highriverquiltproject
When my bag is full, do I have to stop? Thanks for the gift My Sewing Room!
My two friends, Kathy and Randall showing off the wool goodies at Traditional Pastimes.
If anyone was curious about what to get me for Christmas, I'd totally be good with this. ;)
Our group outside The Peaceful Patch, in Blackfalds.
A collage in the bathroom. :)
My loot! 


  1. the dress form reminds of Ricky's statement...a stitching line that does not all the way from one side to the a dart! It was a very fun trip, thanks again Bradie. When will you be posting prices for SSShop #2?

  2. Sounds like an incredible trip.
    I love shopping at My Sewing Room, especially their huge array of thread. I bought some luscious turquoise Isacord that quilted like a dream. Must go back for some other colours!